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March 18, 2016

At the age of 22 I literally thought I'd have shit figured out. Nuh uh, not that easy! Every day I wake up questioning where I'm going to be in 10 years and today is one of those days but it's taking my mind into a million and one different thoughts. I'll apologise in advance for this post as it has more of a diary-like perspective but I guess it's because I've woken up realising I miss what Cardiff used to be as a student and I've actually made the daunting decision to move out of this city. Scary.

Cardiff as a student meant struggling to wake up for those 11am lectures and spending the day in bed riddled with guilt because waking up at 9am seemed ridiculous as that hour was forbidden. Now, waking up at 4am for work ever so often I want to punch myself in the face because of how much of a dickhead I was for moaning about how early 9am seemed. Stupid Reen.

Cardiff as a student used to mean going out and not worrying about anything! You could sleep off the hangover the next day and leave those deadlines last minute (naughty but it somehow worked) , but whilst growing up you realise that it's hard to even find the same spare time as your friends because everyone is constantly on the go. Oh how I miss drunken careless antics.

Cardiff used to be about exploring and going adventures. Waking up in the mornings with zero plans and just exploring places that I didn't know existed with my housemates. Bike rides on sunny days were my favourite.  Cranbrook had it all going on.

It has only just became clear to myself as to why I moved back to this city after graduating in the last few days. It seems bizarre that I'll be leaving as I guess Cardiff has been home for nearly 4 years now.  But I guess it's time to grow up and let go of this city.


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