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S T R I P E S & S U N S H I N E

May 11, 2014

So for the whole of last week I was trapped in the library cramming in two deadlines that were due last Friday. There was so much work to do that I was in the library for 24 hours straight, which was the biggest fucking nightmare ever. Never again! So this weekend I've treated myself to a lazy weekend to catch up on very much needed sleep, a few drinks, retail therapy and loads of grub! I don't even feel guilty, I think I have deserved it after the week from hell! 

Todays OOTD has been quite casual because plans were extremely last minute. The weather has been pretty hit and miss lately which I guess we can all agree on is annoying! All I want is silly amounts of sun please! But today I thought it would be a great chance to whack out my mom jeans and a striped cami top. These jeans are ridiculously comfortable and as soon as I spotted them for £4 in a charity shop yesterday I could not resist. This is quite a big step for a girl like me, I live in skinny jeans and feel so frumpy when I wear anything else! But these fit so well, it is safe to say that I'm in love! I thought popping on my chunky boots would dress up this outfit a little bit for lunch, and teamed them up with some white frilly socks so the frill could sneakily peak through the top. I'm a huge fan of frilly socks! The mini backpack is something that I had been trying to get my claws into for ages, they look super cute and perfect for day trips!

Jewellery wise I opted for a gold chunky chain, I fucking love this chain its brill and dresses up literally anything! I'm also wearing a golden cuff bracelet on the top of my arm with a few spikes on it to toughen the look up a bit and silly amounts of rings which is the norm for me! Red lipstick is something that I cannot and never will get enough of, and when MAC were offering 2 lipsticks for £20 the other day I knew it would be the biggest mistake if I didn't invest. MAC lipstick will always have a place in my heart, forever and ever I promise (I love you MAC)! To top it off and add a bit more colour (something I'm not great at usually doing) I popped a scarf on my head which was a bit of material that I got from a charity shop for £1. It is so beautiful and has so many colours to die for and perfect when my hair is being a pain in the arse! 

Hope deadlines aren't dragging you all down at the moment! Good luck guys!

//Top: H&M £3.99 // Jeans: Charity Shop £4 // Necklace: Topshop £8 //
Backpack: New Look £15// Headband: Charity Shop £1 // Watch: Urban Outfitters £25
//Lipstick: MAC £15 Sunglasses: Topshop £18// Boots: Topshop £45//

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