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Keaton Henson

January 02, 2013

That beard, that voice, that awkwardness, Henson is perfection! I was so glad when I came across his music, slowly i became obsessed, googling articles about him, over analysing interviews about him (wow I sound like a freak). So basically, he's a singer/songwriter from London who has stage fright, hates the idea of fame, hardly does any gigs, and records music from his bedroom. How cute. His personality makes him stand out, and his awkwardness works so well in relation to his music.

Not only is he a singer/songwriter, just when I thought things couldn't get any more perfect, I found out he's an illustrator too! Yet again, there is an awkward presence in his illustration//

The other night I listened to his music for hours in bed, and decided to get my own sketchpad out. This was my result//
(I apologise for the quality, it was a photo taken on my phone)

p.s If anyone wants to treat me to something amazing, Keaton Henson' illustration book Gloaming would be very much so appreciated.

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