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January 17, 2015

I've done a classic Reen and left a fair chunk of work until the last minute. Yup thats one deadline down and two more to go in the space of a week - wish me luck! I guess the two essays I have left are a teeny bit exciting, well as exciting as an essay can get. One of them is a photography essay and one of them is based on public relations - something I'm a sucker for! So a lot more exciting than a campaign report I guess. 

It's weird to finally feel this third year uni student pressure that everyone moans about. I've been back in Cardiff for only a teeny bit over a week and found myself in the library pretty much all day everyday since. I actually think the librarians are feeling sick at the sight of me daily, oh and hating on me for being that prick who cannot do any work unless she is blasting extremely heavy music through her headphones. Sorry Bute librarians!

I was going to do a post on how to cope with the stresses of uni but I haven't really got any tips, because admittedly I am the girl who gets easily distracted and cannot say no to a night out and then I just get into this vicious cycle of stress. Terrible really considering I have so much work to do! The only advice I have is sit back and pop some cinnamon incense sticks on because that chills me out a fair bit! I'm also heading home for a few days on Monday, just because quite frankly I am getting sick and tired of spending everyday in the library. Fingers crossed I won't get too distracted at home though ey!

I'm writing this here, but chances are I will not stick to this. It's hit me that I only have one more term left of uni so the plan is after these deadlines to sit back and have a think about what the heck I want to do with my life after. If anyone has any ideas for me then please let me know, because I'm pretty clueless right now! 

Hope you're all coping okay with revision / deadlines! Just think it'll all be over soon!

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