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June 09, 2015

We can all agree that ever so often it’s nice to do something daring with your appearance. Byron Hadley James is just the guy that you need to help make that jaw-dropping statement that admittedly everybody fancies achieving. His work is proof that a quirky hair transformation is pretty much the answer to everything. It’s time to forget everything else and let Byron work his magic so that you stand out of the crowd. After all, who doesn’t want to stand out?

With a busy schedule and a hectic diary, I still managed to sneak in a catch up with Byron at the Hair Club Live Open Chair Night at the lovely Buffalo Bar. This whole event highlighted how nerve-wracking it is for talented stylists such as Byron to break out in such a competitive industry. Each stylist had only 10 minutes to showcase their creative abilities to an anticipating audience that was full of face from prestigious brands including TIGI and GHD. As if that wasn’t enough pressure, Byron was the first to take the stage so admittedly a few drinks and chitchat after he worked his magic was most definitely on the cards.

Immediately Byron’s passion for creativity stood out. With his interests starting out as a fashion photographer, it’s as though he was always destined to showcase his creative talents through a variety of platforms. His skills and keen eye for detail and individuality in photography soon developed into a passion for hair, something that he has pursued extremely well.  This was recognised by the SanRizz Academy in London who awarded him with just one of the five scholarships that they had available. Impressive. Such passion and determination showcases that it isn’t just hair to Byron, his edgy techniques transform hair into a quirky piece of art that individuals can then rock.

All of this is evident within his new collection The Coven Of Salem that is set to launch on June 20th. Boasting sharp defined cuts and colours this collection gleams a positive aspect of effortlessness, which gives individuals the ability and confidence to rock their hairstyle with the message that they woke up looking that fabulous. Think 1940’s glamour sprinkled with a dash of raw punk style and that image is exactly what this collection will offer. Dark, edgy, mysterious yet the main thing - beautiful.

As if Byron’s commitment and passion wasn’t enough to get heads turning, guaranteed this collection will be leaving many jaws dropping. It has already caught the attention of many and has been nominated for the NHF Photographic Stylist 2015 awards. Follow Byron’s journey and enter The Coven of Salem yourself, you wont regret it.

Instagram: @HadleyJamez
Twitter: @HadleyJamez
Facebook: Byron Hadley-James

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