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February 27, 2017

Holy shit, it's been a whole year pretty much since I have posted on this blog. This time last year I was convinced I was moving my ass back to Birmingham and thought I had loads of shit figured out. But nope, I decided to stick around Cardiff for an extra year and it's actually nuts how fast that time has gone, how is it nearly March already? Although a lot of the year I've felt quite deflated by the pressures of being 23 and freaked out heck loads about timing, I'm pretty glad I stuck around.

Anyway back to it. In the time I didn't blog I managed to bag myself a lovely little London adventure to intern at H&M Press Office, went on a few little nice adventures, became one million percent obsessed with Japanese food, and continued by gin fuelled antics. But now I really quite fancy getting back into my hobbies, and blogging is probably the biggest priority out of them all now! So I guess in some ways this post is kind of for my own record to get my butt into gear and stop making up excuses that I have no time! 
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