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Cut & Run London ft Shenae Grimes

February 19, 2013
So naturally, I should hate Shenae Grimes considering she stole my man (Josh Beech). And finding out she was collaborating with Cut & Run London made me even more jealous. I have to say though, her jewellery designs are amazing. I'm very into dainty pieces, and the ones she has released are definitely all designs I will end up blowing my money on. They are very summery, and her personal style, something else I envy, is heavily portrayed. She's said that Josh Beech has helped her with the designs, and that they have collaborated her L.A style, with his far more rough around the edges London style. March needs to hurry up, so I can get my hands on this jewellery! Grimes, give me your jewellery, style, and my man back!

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