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January 24, 2013

I didn't take that many pictures because my hands were freezing off! But London was lovely. It was pretty shit having to wake up at silly o clock to get to London in the cold snowy weather and feeling ill, but as soon as we went through Chelsea I was full on in my element. I swear I have never been so excited! Camden was definitely my favourite part of London, I've always loved it and hadn't been back in two years, so I was more than excited to get back down there! Despite craving Camden noodles for days before going down, we opted to have Wagamamas, nothing beats firecracker rice and peach ice tea. Just as we sat down, I was joking like ha, theres a guy that looks like he belongs in One Direction, turns out it was Niall from One Direction, spending his dollaaaar in wagas. Definately want to go back down to London some time soon, hopefully it will be warmer so I dont feel like an idiot for eating frozen yogurt in the snow next time!

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