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Chaiholics, Cardiff

October 24, 2013
After an afternoon of charity shopping with Ryan, we accidentally came across this cute little place called Chaiholics. If you know me, you know how much I enjoy a Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks/ Nero/ Costa, so to find a place that is dedicated to different types of Chai I was more than over the moon. It's located in a tiny little arcade sort of thing called the Globe on Wellfield Road, but it stands out immediately so you cannot avoid it! To begin with, we were overwhelmed by the amount of choice.  I went for the classic Masala Chai, and I do not regret my choice one bit! As weird as it sounds, it tastes so earthly and natural, not over done with sweeteners which I feel is the problem with the standard Chai from generic places. First I thought it would just be a place I would go to when it was freezing cold, but on another visit when it was relatively warm ( I know, weird for Cardiff), we came across the Iced Chai Tea's. I went for the Very Berries, which was so good that my mouth is watering whilst typing this right now. The staff and the owner made the experience here even more lovelier than a standard tea house. They talk to you on a personal level, and go through everything with you on the menu. We were also greeted with a lovely complimentary cake on our second visit from the owner, who even came over for a little chat with us because he recognised us from previous visits. Check out the website here, and just look at how amazing the menu is!

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