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October 24, 2013
I've not really been up to date with this blog lately, I reverted back to my Tumblr for a bit but I am back on Blogspot now for good! ( I promise). I've had a busy few weeks/ months but I am finally back in Cardiff in my second year of Uni. It is ridiculous how much work there is in comparison to first year, I am already feeling nervous for the amount of work Uni will pile on us next year! I also luckily got a job at New Look in Cardiff. If anyone is looking for a job at the moment I literally suggest you force your CV's on people, I spent most of Summer at home finding a job for when I returned, and luckily I got this one within the first 2 weeks of being there. Just be honest with employers about hours, I've been really lucky with mine. Whilst being at Uni, it is tough to find a job that suits the hours you want so just be honest about your availability instead of getting one million times more stressed about Uni work piling up!
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