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November 12, 2013
I've had a busy couple of days that have completely stressed me out. Essays, uni, working, house hunting, and making time to do other things is literally draining me at the moment! It is so scary to think that I am looking for a house that I will be living in as of next september, and with the lack of funds due to my plan for next summer I am stressing so bad. House hunting is such a chore! On a brighter note though, I've just handed in a huge essay today, so I guess that is one stress out of the way. But knowing that I have rushed it because I have had to do more hours than contracted at work is literally stressing me out even more. I'm so excited to have a day in bed after my 9am lecture tomorrow, I refuse to move! I'm going to get straight into my comfies, watch films all day and eat heck loads of chocolate and treat myself to 1 billion cups of tea.  I might put aside a bit of my day in bed to plan some interesting posts -you lucky little things!

P.s// someone help me think of plans/ presents that I would like for my 20th birthday- please! 

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