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December 11, 2013
I seriously am becoming one of them bloggers who constantly promises to keep updating, but never does. I have literally been so stressed out with Uni this term, but thankfully I have one day left and I'm finished for the term. I have to hand in two more essays on Friday, which is so scary. Thankfully, I only have two exams in January, but an essay due as well. I don't think I prepared myself for the jump from first year into second, there is so much work to do, and there is the constant pressure of knowing that this year actually counts to your degree. Being one of those people who stress out over the smallest things, I think you can imagine how much this thought has stressed me out! Thankfully though, today I signed for my new house which has taken one of my stresses away, and it is absolutely beautiful. And leaving my job has made Uni seem far more doable, often doing up to 30 hours a week, on top of lectures, coursework and readings was getting way too much for me. 

Hopefully the Christmas break will encourage me to blog more. I'm so excited to get back to Birmingham and see my friends and family, its been so long. Also, next semester one of my modules is based on social media trends, so a lot of blogging will be involved there! If I can stick to it, I might start doing OOTD'S, just to keep you updated somehow! 
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