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Bombay Bicycle Club

March 30, 2014

I can safely say that Bombay Bicycle Club have been one of my fave bands for a very long time. Every single opportunity there is to see them I cannot miss it, because they are actually brilliant live. After buying my tickets in December and waiting patiently for the day to arrive, finally it was my 5th time I was going to see the band. I was pretty much counting down the days, and nearly burst out crying from excitement the morning of the gig. 

The release of their new album So Long, See you Tomorrow had me a bit nervous about the gig, and I didn't know what to expect. It has such a different sound to the rest of their stuff, and I am a huge huge fan of their old stuff. But admittedly, since the release of their new album I have had it on repeat and seriously cannot get it out of my mind. It actually goes through my head when I'm trying to sleep, it is actually that brill! You can honestly see how much they have progressed as a band, which is actually admirable when you have grown up listening to them.

Luckily and as usual, they did not disappoint. As soon as I got there I was in my element. They played so many songs off their new album and it was brilliant, and mixed it up with a few classics like Always Like This. The mixture of their songs highlight how much they have grown as a band, and so did the production of their show. The only thing I can say that shocked me about seeing them this time round was that they didn't play Ivy and Gold - one of my favourites! The set was also quite short which lasted approx about an hour which was a shame when each time I've seen them before they've been on for longer. Oh as well, the Cardiff crowd didn't seem as much into it as other crowds that I have seen Bombay with. The majority of people were stood so still!

I will defo be seeing them again as soon as they pop back on tour, and I more than recommend you give their new album a listen! 

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