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March 30, 2014

1) After struggling from being out the night before until 6am and a day of lectures and seminars, me and my house mate Eira decided a burrito from Mission Burrito was more than needed. Luckily our house mate Olivia drove us into town on her way to the gym, otherwise I would have just stayed in and moaned about being hungry in my hungover and tired state.
2) A cheeky little selfie before going for Nandos with Ryan and a boozy night at Bunker- Fridays are my fave! It is pop punk heaven. Original plans were to go to Tenkaichi, a lovely little place on City Road that we had been lusting over for more than a year, but unfortunately it was too packed. Maybe next time ey? 
3) This is my final submission for my other blog which you can check out here if you haven't already. I thoroughly enjoy this module, Social Media Trends, and blogging was super fun. I will defo be carrying on with that blog too, it was so entertaining to find people who dressed well and lurking in different places! 
4) 20 chicken nuggets? Need I say anymore? I'm a huge huge fan of chicken nuggets, especially when bbq and curry sauce is involved. Mmmm.
5) This is myself and the lovely Liam and Josie. This was such a spontaneous night out - which are always the best ones! If you fancy checking out their blogs don't be afraid to click on their names, they've become keen little bloggers now too! Especially Josie, for some reason we always find ourselves drunkenly saying we will blog about every single detail - oh dear!
6) Dominos large pizza 2 4 1. Spectacular, especially when you're a student! I opted for a vegi option this time round, but customised it with chicken and it was delightful. My mouth is watering as I'm typing this right now!

What have you all been up to this week? If you fancy looking at more don't be afraid to check out my Instagram
p.s - This post just made me realise that I eat out way too much for a student. Woops. 

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