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May 26, 2014

Bank holidays are always fun, especially when it means getting a 3 day weekend off from work! I've been doing work experience in a PR&Marketing company, and it has been cool as fuck but being a student getting used to the office hours has been tough! So this weekend has been a saviour as I've been able to catch up on sleep, alcohol, socialising and plenty of food! Today I'm currently sat in the sunny garden of Chaiholics with Josie and a cardamom iced chai latte- it's not on the menu but I defo recommend you try it gaaahhh it is heaven!

Enough of my rambling now, this is meant to be an OOTD post so I'll ramble on about that instead! I'm wearing my Levi's which have become a staple component of my wardrobe ever since I found them for a lovely price tag of £7 from Oasis market in Birmingham. Everyone needs a pair of Levi's in their wardrobe, but I cannot justify the £25 that many people retail them at - I'm a bargain hunter so no way am I splashing that much cash when I know many of these places are exploiting my consumerist needs! I opted for a crop top today to make my look more suited to the sunshine, even though its black ffs but if you know me then you will know that I cannot resist the colour black! I was hoping my shirt would pop some colour into this OOTD, this was a cheeky little bargain from a charity shop on Albany road in Cardiff, it's so oversized and heavenly and the so is the price tag to this (£4 - I know so crazy!). Ever since I got my Dr.Martens I have lived in them, they are so comfy and just seem to go with everything. If you haven't got a pair in your life then you need them, I got mine from Motel Rocks with 20 percent NUS discount which all of us students love. Make up wise I opted for a very bold black lipstick from MAC, which I have been nervous about wearing ever since I got it. However, Friday night was the first time I plucked up the courage to try it out and surprisingly it grew on me and I have lived in it all weekend.

Hope you're all enjoying your bank holiday weekend, what are you all up to?! 

//Top: Topshop £8 // Shorts: Vintage Stall £7 // Dr Martens: Motel Rocks £50  //  MAC Lipstick: £15  // Shirt: £4 Charity Shop // 

7 comments on "L A Z Y G A L "
  1. Love your look ! I follow you on bloglovin ;)
    Saskia! xo

    1. Aw thankyou :)!
      Just gave you a follow back, lovely blog! xx

  2. Replies
    1. thankyou :) just gave you a cheeky little follow on Bloglovin, your blog is lovely - loving the latest playlist post! :)

  3. Replies
    1. I will take that as a lovely compliment hah! thanks :)!

  4. You look great! The lipstick matches your outfit perfectly and it looks really good on you!



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