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February 04, 2015

Today I treated myself to a Chaiholics. I am OBSESSED with Chai Tea and seriously cannot imagine  my life without this spicy tea. It is super wintery tasting and a dream when you're feeling a teeny bit ill. Chaiholics has got to be one of my fave places in Cardiff too, they offer a variety of Chai's and I guarantee you will NEVER get bored of what they have to offer. If you're from Cardiff, defo give it a go you will not regret it. Plus the staff there are the loveliest people that I have ever come across! 

Mexican food is up there with one of my faves. Especially Chiquitos! Ever since I first tried the Sante Fe I literally have not stopped thinking about it at all it is literally all that I crave. Today I managed to convince my house mates we needed to get to Chiquitos for Mexican grub and a catch up. It didn't take much convincing which I am super glad about because I got to fulfil my Sante Fe cravings. Yummy.

Me and my housemate Liam decided a trip to Bristol was pretty essential. Even though we went out on Friday night we were little troopers and woke up at silly o clock to get on the train for a lil adventure. I love Bristol, it's a real cute city and I always wish the uni did my course! I am trying to get back into using my camera too so it was nice to get a few snaps around Bristol. Can't wait to have another visit back there ASAP.

I am TERRIBLE at saving money and my obsession with Vans is actually becoming quite unhealthy. But these Vans are my dream, I'm a sucker for platform shoes and these are just EVERYTHING. I must stop spending money though, well especially on Vans, I genuinely cannot even count how many Vans I have because there are way tooooooo many! Somebody help?

Heres a verrrrry hungover Reen who is actually wearing colour! Well that's if you count this blouse as colourful woops me. It's quite formal looking for a gal like me too, so well done me for smartening myself up a teeny bit. Maybe I should clean my room though, or somebody clean it for me. THANKS.

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