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February 04, 2015

Last week I finally decided it was time to go visit one of my friends in Oxford. After constantly promising her to visit after she came to visit me in Cardiff I thought it was about time to go visit her gaff. Plus after an extremely stressful couple of months with deadlines I thought I'd finally do it and take a break from this Cardiff life. All I can say it is one of the prettiest places that I have ever been too, I think I actually annoyed Beth by the amount of times I squealed "oh my God Beth that is so pretty!!!! Sorry if you read this, I bet you can hear me saying that in your head right now woopsy.

As soon as I got to Oxford, I was quite honestly amazed by the beautiful architecture. As a busy city it has quite modern aspects mixed with traditional architecture meaning it had really English vibes to it. We stopped off and had food in Beth's work place which was super yummy and headed down to get some bubble tea! Everywhere I go I have to try bubble tea just because I am well and truly obsessed, and it was surprisingly nice to go to a bubble tea that had a contemporary feel to it! On the night we went to a place called Purple Turtle which was a mix of pop punk and cheesy jams which basically sums up my ideal night to be honest. Plus it was super cheap, and I have heard a lot of things about this place so it was good to finally check it out. They played Taylor Swift - Shake It Off, and in my eyes any place that plays that deserves a frickin' medal. Well done Purple Turts (Beth and her friends got annoyed at me for calling it that), but you did good!

One thing I did notice about Oxford was their love for bikes. Everywhere I went there were literally 537892364802374289472389 bikes which has got me thinking I need a bike in my life. Plus, everyone was dressed pretty sick and I can say it is one of the most cultural cities that I have been!

I'll be getting back down to Oxford again ASAP, can anybody recommend any other places I should check out? 

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