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January 31, 2016

I probably shouldn't be putting pressure on myself to sort my life out at 22 years old but I guess its a pretty natural thing to do. It was only a couple of nights ago I went for dinner with my mom and her friends and she was telling them how on a weekly basis I ring her to tell her that thats the week that I will sort my life out. Approximately 25 weeks into approaching Cardiff with an adult outlook I guess it is about time I stop ringing my mom weekly and finally sort stuff out! I'm pretty grateful for different experiences I've picked up a long the way and I'm still doing all my social media work for Cheer Up which keeps my main passion towards digital marketing alive! But now it's time to put my passions and my experience together and actually develop and learn some new skills. I miss learning. Everyone has a reason to do so and my reason is that I literally just want to be able to live in my own place and have a lovely home that I know I've worked hard for but also enjoyed working for too. So heres just a few photos I've collated from Pinterest which I guess I can look back on for motivation.

Maybe adulting doesn't suck as much as I thought?
  1. These are all so gorgeous! Im obsessed with subway tiles everywhere!



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