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January 28, 2016

My love for plants is growing to a slightly unhealthy level. I'm away from Cardiff for two weeks and I have left the lives of my plants in the hands of my housemates and I feel so nervous to go back to them. Slightly unhealthy is probably an understatement. 

I got a ridiculously cute tattoo on the back of my arm. It's a crescent moon and I have been contemplating it for the past 4 years. Without sounding too lame but it's kind of the representation of changing into an adult, and as I grow I plan to develop it. Next stage is at 30, where Luna will be joined by the sun.

I think finding the terrible news of Bowie passing was one of the most shocking moments. I had started work at 6am and didn't find out until my lunch break. I think I find it more shocking that a majority of people didn't know who he was but seeing this on my road really shows how such an individual was a pioneer for not only music but many other aspects of lifestyle too. RIP BOWIE.

I forced Ben to take me to IKEA so I could fill my room up with more plants. I can safely say that filling my room in Cardiff with plants has given it that comforting edge, I'm not a student anymore so it gives it more of a mature feel too. 

I have two weeks off work so it means being lazy with my clothing situation. It also means no getting up at 4am for 6am starts for 2 weeks, perfecto.  PS Cheer Up Clothing sent me this beanie over a year ago now and I literally still live in it, I'd defo recommend - especially for bad hair days like the one I was having here! 

If you follow me on Instagram you will probably see how obsessed I am getting with Lush. So I thought it was time to organise my scrubs, bath oils and all those other odds and bodds. The bathbombs have their trusty little box on the floor too! Lush you are so bad for my bank balance but so good to my skin so I can forgive you.

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  1. I love your beanie reena! Great selfie Miss! ;) Hope your plants are fine btw!;) Keep me posted!;)

    1. Thankyou! I have to wait a week until I can see how my plants are doing, will defo keep you updated though!



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