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February 23, 2014
I am the sort of girl who can sit in the bath for hours on end! Last year I struggled so bad in halls because we didn't have a bath, we just had individual showers within our en-suites. This was an absolute nightmare for me, I found myself covering the drain to turn my shower into a bath, just so I could chill. Lush and their fresh handmade cosmetics are partially to blame for my bath addiction, so I thought it might be a nice idea to share with you some of my favourite things from lush!

Space Girl - £2.25
Before I even talk about how amazing this bath bomb is, can we all just take a moment to appreciate the price! Such a bargain, especially for us students! I loved this bath bomb so much, as soon as I dropped it in the bath it began to sizzle and explode, turning the water into a lovely little lilac number with bits of red pushing through. The popping candy element made it that little more exciting too, it was literally like magic in front of my eyes. It leaves you in a bathtub smelling like grape fruit, and with skin so so so smooth. Space girl is definitely out of this world (I am not even sorry for how cliche that sounds).

Tisty Tosty - £3.25
This bath bomb is perfect when it comes to wanting to wind down after having a long day at uni. Picture this, you're just chilling out with a lovely cup of tea and a book in the bath with cute little petals all around you. It has real rose buds embedded within, but as soon as you drop tisty tosty in your bath, you are left with them floating around with a lovely little rosy scent. It has rose oil in it and leaves you smelling floral, something I don't usually like, but this isn't too empowering. Oh it also makes your skin feel faaaabooooloooos!

Sunnyside - £3.75
I love a bit of glitter. Actually I love a lot of glitter, and sunny side meets my glittery needs! It's quite fruity smelling, so you will often find yourself leaving the bath with a zesty tint and bits of glitter all over you, but I love it. It's amazing to mix with the bath bombs, for example mixing sunny side with space girl will make it a far more glittery experience, and in my eyes the more glitter the better! It is a great value for money because you can literally just keep breaking up bits to mix up with other products , defo worth a purchase!

The Sacred Truth - £5.95
Full of green tea, this face mask is perfect when it comes to antioxidants, which make your skin look and feel much brighter and fresher. All of lush products are natural products and hand made, and this consists of honey, yoghurt and free range eggs which add to the glow. I guess it's worth mentioning that it leaves your skin smelling fruity like papaya, which often makes me want to eat my own face off. What more do you need out of a face mask!?

Hair Doctor- £6.95
Every girl needs to put some TLC into their hair. I'm one of them who always forgets to put effort into keeping their hair in good condition, but it leaves me feeling guilty 99.9% of the time! This product is a really thick clay like mask, which you literally leave on your hair for about 20 minutes, and immediately you can feel the menthol tingling on your scalp. There are coconut and almond oils within it, that help make your hair feel softer and look a million times healthier and the jojoba oil concentrates on fixing up the scalp too. 

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