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June 21, 2014

Please excuse the ultimate bitch moody face in these pictures, when it comes to these OOTD posts I never quite know what to do with myself! I've said sorry now for looking like a moody cow so lets ramble on about what I wore! This is actually yesterdays OOTD but I didn't quite have time to post it because of chills and packing up to move back home. Yesterday was such a nice day the sun was shining, and me and my housemate cleaned the garden after the party a couple of weeks back because it was in the biggest state ever. Well done us because it actually looks slightly pretty now! 

My dress I'm wearing is becoming the love of my life, not even joking! After attending the Chrissie Pegg bloggers event I was given a gift card from the lovely guys at St Davids Shopping Centre so decided I'd spend it on cute little dresses and this was one of them from H&M! I got it two sizes bigger purely because it was the last one in H&M, but luckily I have managed to tie the straps together at the back so it has a halter neck-esque vibe to it! The print has a very mosaic feel to it which I find very exciting to play around with when it comes to heaps of jewellery (my absolute fave). Loads of chunky rings, one too many bracelets and over the top ear rings and I am in my absolute element! The JuJus I'm wearing have become one of my essential items of Summer, so comfy and pretty as fuck so I'm defo going to have to invest in different colours over this Summer! It was quite a pickle when it came to deciding between clear and black JuJu's, but the clear glittery ones stole my heart and they just seem to go with so much more in my wardrobe when the sun is shining!

//Dress: H&M £6.99 // JuJu Jelly Shoes: £25 // Anklet: Topshop £7.99// 

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