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June 24, 2014

So I'm back in Birmingham and unpacking and getting used to living with my mom and brother again has taken a fair bit of effort after living on my own for so so long! As of tomorrow though I am back to work which will hopefully get me into more of a routine and will help me save up and get excited for my Summer plans that I have in mind for next year! I just thought I'd pop up a post which is a collage of my latest snaps off my Instagram incase any of you are interested in my life outside of this blog! If you fancy giving me a follow go ahead - I don't bite I promise! Just search for reeniexx or click here :) 

My Instagram Snaps//

1) Number One is of a cheeky little Hello Kitty treat that I had after being dragged into town with Liam. If you know me well then you know how much I love Hello Kitty, I practically grew up surrounded by so much Hello Kitty and only now all of my collectors items have been passed down to my cousins cute little baby which I hope more than anything that she will enjoy playing around with them! At least they are in safe hands and it is nice to see them being passed down.

2) Number Two is my OOTD for today, which is extremely casual and simple at the same time! I'm trying to go for more of a minimalistic look these days and popping some colour and statement feels in with bright lipsticks and crazy amounts of jewellery - basically how I was back in my college days! A girl can never go wrong with bright lipstick and tacky jewellery - the more the better! 

3) Number Three is a snap of my most treasured items on a stand in my room back in Birmingham! It features my record player, my cameras, magazines, my buddha money bank and all of my records. My room looks extremely minimalistic right now but I'm thinking it will make it so much easier when it comes to packing back up in September to move back to Cardiff again!

4) Number Four is a picture of the most insane chocolate fudge cake I have ever indulged in! On one of the days during my intern I got to the office to find that we were going to the pub for food and drinks to say goodbye nicely! We went to the Crwys and the sunshine was out so we all chilled in the beer garden which was lovely, even though I had plenty of envious eyes on my cake!

5) Number Five is something that many of you probably wont get unless you were in my Graphics A Level class. When unpacking and sorting through my old stuff I came across some of my old sketchbooks from college and it got me feeling all cute and stuff about how fun everyone was in my class and how many memories that I have with many of you! 

6) Number Six is a fair well snap of one of my favourite bars in Cardiff (until September) called Buffalo Bar. It is pretty much my second home and has really chilled vibes and if you ever visit Cardiff and don't check out Buffalo I will be super disappointed in you!

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