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August 12, 2014
This Summer has been so hectic, and I am super sorry for not posting much whilst being back in Birmingham! I've literally been working a lot living the bubble tea and froyo dream, catching up with friends, getting a bit of work experience with my mom, doing some guest blogging elsewhere and traveling back and forth to Cardiff! But if any of you have missed me blogging, I'll be up to date more now - I promise! I've got a nice few things lined up over the next few weeks (including A Day To Remember which I am super stoked for) and before I know it I will be back in Cardiff and I think we can all agree that I am a more frequent blogger there! I guess us students have a lot of time on our hands but hopefully I'll be dedicating my spare time next year into finding a cheeky little job and exploring nice places because its kind of scary that I will be a full time adult soon! It's so crazy how fast this Summer has gone and that I've only got one more year left of uni, but I am very excited to say the least to get uni out of the way and start thinking about my future. After a recent trip to London I have decided my future has to be in London, I'm currently looking at fashion communication post graduate courses so wish me luck! 

(pssst give me a follow on Instagram if you miss me, I guess it will keep you slightly updated over @reeniexx )

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