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August 31, 2014
So after getting my hands on some tickets for A Day To Remember after they cancelled their first gig in Cardiff, it is safe to say that I was beyond stoked. They have been one of my favourite bands for literally as long as I remember. I spent my teenage years whining along to 'You Had Me At Hello' and getting incredibly drunk and thinking I was a full time mosher to their heavier shit (I'm still guilty of this). I've always enjoyed their music, and there is not one thing I could fault with these guys so the day couldn't come quick enough as far as I was concerned! Oh, maybe I should mention that The Architects were supporting too - perfect support act in my eyes!

I traveled back to Cardiff, spent the day having a few drinks and catching up with my old housemate anticipating what ADTR would have lined up for us. A few drinks probably weren't a good idea considering that as soon as I got to the venue I had lost my ticket in the space of 2 minutes. This is so out of character for me as I was guarding it with my whole life all day! But luckily the guys at box office were babes and could probably see I was on the verge of tears and hooked me up with a new ticket.

I was a bit reluctant about it being at Motorpoint Arena, when it comes to gigs I prefer a more intimate atmosphere. Luckily, they pulled it off and this gig felt ridiculously intimate despite cramming 7600 people into one room! So intimate that I even had Jeremy on my head! They opened up with 'The Downfall of Us All' which had both classic ADTR fans going and the new ones. It was an incredible set and there was a lovely mix between their old tracks and their new ones, and to every song I have to admit I was that girl screaming " OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS SONG". I have no shame.

So here are a few pics and a few videos from the night. The quality isn't that great because I was loving life way too much to get that perfect angle. But here ya go, ADTR had perfect vibes all round.

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