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August 31, 2014
smart casual

You could say that I'm getting old (I'm hitting the milestone of 21) or you could say that I've finally realised that dressing smart can look pretty fabulous and not so lame! I plucked up the courage and finally invested in a smart-ish jacket that will work in my favour when it comes to those days that I don't fancy looking like the 14 year old girl that I usually look like! It makes a change considering I'm a fur coat sort of lover (faux fur may I add!) and that denim jackets take up about 70% of my jacket situation in the wardrobe. I'm loving how both designer and the high street are all over this smart jacket trend these days, especially when it comes in a boyfriend blazer fit like this tartan one in this outfit grid! 

This jacket is than ideal when smartening up a look such as when it comes those scary interviews that you never quite know what to wear! I find myself in that situation a lot of the time and it is crazy to think that one statement piece like this jacket could pretty much make a smart look! Plus smarter jackets even work for a laid back casual look with those torn jeans! Mmm! This outfit grid pretty much consists of black (just like my whole wardrobe) but just shows how classy black can look when you go to the opposite end of the scale rather than the emo scale. I tend to go for the more emo looking black ( I have no shame, I'm a sucker for stripes and black velvet) but smart black is going to make up a huge proportion of my wardrobe this season and boy oh boy, I am excited! 

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