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August 12, 2014
Ever so often I find myself realising there are some songs that I just will never ever ever ever get bored of! I can literally imagine myself in 50 years still sitting around listening to these songs, I mean come on I can play them over and over silly amounts and never get bored of them! Here is a little playlist of these songs!

The Weeknd - Twenty Eight
Funny story as to how I love this song, me and one of the girls had some after night out drinks back at our flat in freshers and I remember just one of the guys playing a twenty eight second sample of this track and being completely mesmerised and anticipating the release of this album and song because of how fucking perfect it is. Abel is one talented guy for sure and this song is just perfecto!

Keaton Henson- Sweetheart What Have You Done To Us?
If you know me, then you will know that I have this huge soft spot for Mr Henson. I just find his whole persona extremely fascinating and his music incredibly deep and personal to his own emotions. Wow I sound like a sap! But no seriously, Keaton is uber talented so give him a listen and I promise you wont regret it. If you're an illustration fan then you need to check out his art too, it is incred!

A Day to Remember- The Downfall Of Us All
I'm seeing these guys this month and excited is an understatement! Pop punk is one of my fave genres of music, pop punk 4eva \m/.

Metronomy- Everything Goes My Way
I remember when I was like 15 and flicking through those shitty music channels that bands sent their own videos into and I came across these guys and since then I have never looked back. I fulfilled my dream Reading Fest 2012 and saw them which was pretty cool but this song chills me out man.

Blink 182 - First Date
If you don't like Blink then I don't like you- simple as! Nah thats a bit harsh, but I do find it tough to understand when people don't like these guys! First Date is one of my faves and they are the main reason I am gutted about not going to Reading Fest this year!

The Maccabees - Toothpaste Kisses
A band that I really need to see a few more times! Putting aside my major fan girling love for Orlando Weeks, these guys are incredible and this song is super sweet. Fair play!

Foals - Spanish Sahara
Listening to this on vinyl is just like heaven to my ears. Foals have been one of my fave bands for as long as I can remember and I shamefully regret my teenage years of yelling "YANNIS YOU SEXY BASTARD" at their gigs. Wow me. 

Bombay Bicycle Club- Flaws
Nah man, can't even go on to describe this with copious amounts of words. All I can say it beautiful!

Any songs that you guys will NEVER get bored of? Hook me up, I'd love a listen!  

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