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September 11, 2014
I am currently slumped with HEAPS of work to do. But I'm having a little break to reflect on my week. I've had quite an exciting week as I finally picked up the keys to my new house in Cardiff which is b e a u t i f u l and I am super stoked to be moving in next week! But anyway here are a few snaps from my Instagram!

This picture just shows how well and truly fucked my Old Skools are. But when it comes to any pair of Vans it is a crime when they are neat, and I am the sort of girl who would prefer to wear a pair of Vans on a night out than look like a twat in heels I cannot walk in. Come to think of it, no pair of Vans I have ever owned have been kept neat, woopsy. 

This is a generic picture of my hand. How lame? Nah actually I was quite pleased with my ring situation this day so thought it would make a cute lil snap. I am addicted to jewellery and the chances are that you will NEVER catch me without a hand full of rings. It might be an addiction. Every time I go for food as well I find myself having to remove them because they can be that much of a restriction, waiters and waitresses are impressed that I'm so dedicated to the grub that I rearrange my outfit. This especially happens in TGI's.

So I got the chance to interview Stewart Bryden, an awesome photographer for Cheer Up Clothing. I'd like to think it's an interesting read, my fave piece of information after chatting with him was that his dream collaboration to photograph would be Slipknot in Dior. Fancy giving it a read? Click here

I love frozen yogurt, I am ALWAYS craving it so thought giving the Ben and Jerry's froyo would be a good idea. From the packaging I thought it would be a natural yogurt with bits of raspberries and chocolate in the mix but I was slightly disappointed to find it was raspberry flavour yogurt. Oh another disappointment was that rather than it being frozen yogurt as it is advertised to be, it is actually a mix of frozen yogurt and ice cream which pretty much takes away the healthy aspect of it all. Not cool Ben and Jerry's!

I took a trip back to Cardiff the other day and the weather was sooo nice! Naturally, nice weather means cute dungarees. I had completely forgotten about these ones and I was over the moon when I found them in my wardrobe again! The embroidery is sweet as fuck and they are an absolute gem from Miss Selfridge. 

Finally gave Arizona tea a go! I love cold green tea, especially when it has ginseng and honey in it too! My immune system has been well and truly worn out the past few weeks and I've been feeling extremely exhausted and ill. But Arizona was a nice pick me up that made me feel that teeny bit better. And it was yummy. Mmm. 

I LOVE tartan. And I love it more when it is pleated tartan. This skirt was from Forever 21 and I am so in love with it. I cannot wait to wear it in Winter days with chunky knits. Tartan will always have a place in my heart. 

This is a snap from Paris with Harry! Scrolling through my Paris pictures made me realise how much of a good trip it was. I miss Paris so much, probably one of the best trips I have ever been on and I will defo be paying a visit back again ASAP.

What have you guys been up to this week?

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