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September 03, 2014
Stripes are my fave thing lately, and I have been on a major stripes shopping haul!  I've bought loads of striped dresses, tee's, and random shit - I seriously don't know what is wrong with me but I think that this is what love feels like. This OOTD is super casual as I've just finished work for the day and am unfortunately suffering from sinusitis (ew) so seriously I cannot be arsed with effort!

This tee itself is from H&M and it was one hell of a banging bargain. I've always found that H&M are perfect when it came to basics but it turns out that they're pretty damn good in the stripe department these days too! My jeans are a pair of jeans that I've had hiding away for about 6 years, quite literally, but I'm glad I found these bad boys in my wardrobe again because they are the comfiest things ever. Plus, they add a spot of colour to my OOTD which is quite a surprise actually when me and colour don't really work well! My boots are Topshop, the day I bought them was the happiest day of my life (not even joking) but lately I've found myself falling out of love with them. I guess its because I've been reluctant to wear them after spending so much money on them and one of the buckles went missing- not so great quality Topshop tutut! The necklace is quite a simple chain that I picked up from H&M as well (wow I sound like a H&M whore), I just love how delicate and dainty it looks over the bold stripes of the tee! 

Lipstick wise I have opted for Topshop Lips in shade 'Rio Rio'. For me this is a huge risk, and I cannot remember the last lipstick I bought that wasn't Mac. Well apart from that time in freshers during the student lock in where I got pressured into buying a Calvin Klein lippy - even though I'm a Mac gal at heart. I have come to realise that spending so much on lipstick these days is riiiidiculous though and this Topshop lipstick came with a lovely little price tag and is probably my fave shade of red yet!

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  1. Oh I love striped too <3



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