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September 04, 2014

With third year of university literally being around the corner, it is pretty normal having members of my family asking me what I want to do with my future. I'm at the University of Cardiff studying Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies and entering final year it is safe to say that I have had enough of people thinking I sit in my lectures quite literally doing fuck all because of the negative stigma attached to my degree. I do often get the whole "oh you do media, you must be thick" statement thrown at me a lot, especially on nights out from those who like to classify themselves in the higher tier of educational courses. Half the time I wish I could turn around and lash out at them because having people calling me thick does quite frankly get on my tits. But I don't quite fancy seeing myself locked up.

Growing up my ideas of what I wanted to be in the future constantly changed. When I was in nursery my teachers asked me what I wanted as a job I apparently turned around and said a lollypop lady. The photograph of a teeny me dressed up as a lollypop lady with a lack of ambition still seems to be the laughing joke of my family, and I will not be posting it on here because yellow just is not my colour! As I grew up my ideas changed, through out primary school being a journalist was my dream job. I guess this ambition stemmed from me tagging along to work with my mom who is in the PR&Marketing industry. Journalists were everywhere and I just felt so inspired by their passion towards writing. Next thing you know, I've gone to high school and fashion was the main ambition. I didn't quite know what I wanted to do in fashion, but I knew that was it. Then came college. Graphics was it for me, I could feel it in my bones I just loved everything to do with graphics! But then as college went by, I started feeling really passionate towards one of my subjects - Communication and Culture. Learning about society and the manipulation that the powerful have over us got my rethinking my future. That was it, I NEEDED to go onto do a communication/ culture related course at uni!

A Level results came and just like everyone else I was petrified. I guess its because I've always been the sort of person who puts a lot of pressure on my self to do well, and stresses huge amounts when things don't go the way I planned. After 2 years at college I was over the moon with my results A*AB, and even at that point I didn't think I wanted to go down some more academic route like doing maths for example. Instead, I was just excited that I had achieved grades that exceeded my first option uni offer and now am at a university that is internationally recognised for my course. 

All I will say is that I am glad to be doing something that helps me understand things about the world that I live in and something that I am passionate about. Sure, I wish my course was a bit more practical but the theoretical aspect of it all does really get me thinking about life. No, us media students don't just sit there watching movies. Instead, we learn about important things like different groups of people in society, how culture is going to constantly change and how new technology is making such a prominent change to all our lives. Why do I enjoy this? The answer is simple. Because understanding this means that us media students have the ability to reshape the future.

My future? Hopefully it is still fashion related but is in the PR&Marketing field. I've promised myself that I wont be rocking a lollypop lady outfit any time soon!

P.S - Us JOMEC students scrub up well!

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