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illamasqua gleam cream and mac eyeshadow palette

January 03, 2013

Illamasqua- Gleam Cream.

I remember hearing about the brand Illamasqua and being dead intrigued. It was two summers ago, I'd finished my GCSE's and I was bored as fuck so decided to tag along to work with my mama. I remember it being really hot and moaning about having to travel down to London, but after shit loads of moaning this is still one day I'm glad my mom dragged me out of bed for! We got into London to find ourselves in the Illamasqua offices, as they were doing the make-up for one of the fashion shows my mom was organising. And guess who's son owns the brand? Vivienne Westwood's , Joseph Corre is his name, he's class check him out. But guess who I was in an office with? It was me, my mother, Corre, and Westwood. I had to try my hardest not to fan girl at this point, and act completely interested in the make-up. I didn't even have to pretend I was intrigued, within a few minutes the brand had won me over. I was extremely touched by the charity work Illamasqua were involved with, Corre explained that there was a woman who was brutally murdered due to looking 'different', for being 'counter-cultural'. He then began to explain how the brand support 'difference', and accept this 'difference'. It wasn't just this heartwarming story that had won me over, within a few days I had received a parcel, full of Illamasqua goodies from Corre. I was addicted, nail varnishes, face creams, eyeshadows, eyeliners and mascaras, my makeup box was full of it! All of the products were amazing, but I'd just finished school, left my job at Nicky Clarke, I was extremely poor.

But there was one product I knew I had to continue to purchase, even if it meant scraping the last pennies out of my purse. Illamasqua- Gleam Cream. Its a product that you apply as a base, I tend to use it on my cheekbones to highlight them and give them some definition, because i have the chubbiest cheeks ever, this product is like magic to me. It leaves a subtle shine, which if you apply foundation over, it looks like a natural definition. I only use it when I go on nights out, and considering I'm a fresher thats quite a few nights out a week, one bottle has lasted me four months. The application is extremely easy, I literally just put a small dot on my finger and rub it onto my cheeks. The definition lasts a long long time which is always a positive because I never need to top up, which saves any waste. My overdraft isn't looking too healthy at the moment, but its just something I cannot live without! 

                                                        Mac- Eyeshadow Palette.

When receiving this as a Christmas Present, I had mixed thoughts and feelings. My first thought was, Mac! I have always loved Mac, ever since I'd started wearing makeup, I would always sneak in my mothers trusty little makeup bag and steal the odd Mac product. I'd always deny taking these products and never give them back, because I would literally fall in love. My second thought was, fuck they're bright colours. I'm super boring when it comes to doing my makeup, I literally apply foundation, black eyeliner and mascara, occasionally the bright lipstick and head off out. I guess I've always felt comfortable sticking to dark eye makeup, because it has always seemed safe to do so. Its so easy to over do it with bright colours, especially eyeshadow and end up looking tacky. However, these colours are growing on me. Luckily, Mac have chosen colours that work well together, and they grouped suitable shades together, making it easy to blend without looking OTT. The application is fairly easy, its a dusty eyeshadow so I literally just use an eyeshadow brush to apply. However, a sassy little trick I've learn't whilst tagging along and helping out at fashion shows/photo-shoots is to apply water to the brush, so that the powder becomes a form of liquid. This then enables the bright colours to be used as eyeliners, something I feel a lot safer using than eyeshadow! 

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