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January 02, 2013
The more I think about it, it is quite weird how I've ended up in Cardiff, considering it wasn't even one of my choices for University. I remember waking up on results day and feeling sick with nerves because I had convinced myself I had failed my a-levels, and convinced myself that i was going to stay in Birmingham for another year, whilst all of my friends had ventured off onto doing better things. Luckily, and thankfully, my hard work paid off, and I got into both my insurance, Sheffield Hallam, and first choice, Brighton. Literally, I cannot explain how over the moon I was, I had spent the previous year getting excited about the prospect of living in Brighton, and picturing myself there was finally becoming real. However, as the weekend went by, I did a bit of research and took a gamble, and rang up Cardiff Uni, a Uni who are known to specialise in my course, and had a casual chat with one of the lecturers. Next thing you know, my life plans had changed, everything I'd pictured for a whole year had changed in the matter of a few minutes, I was going to become a Welsh student! It was quite daunting changing everything last minute, sorting out accommodation, altering things on UCAS, and to add to the stress I had to sort it all out whilst at Reading Festival, whilst being absolutely fucked out of my face. Thankfully though, it paid off, and after 3749032409327 calls to UCAS, explaining the importance and nagging them to hurry with application changes, I am now living in Cardiff and at a fairly decent uni. The more I think about it, the more I realise it was such a huge risk to change life plans so quickly, especially when I had never been to Cardiff in my whole life. Best risk I have ever made, I have ended up meeting and living with some class people, and got a job at Urban Outfitters.

thanks UCAS adjustment! 
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