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not so little black dresses

January 02, 2013
Both dresses are a steal for the prices, especially when Topshop offer the handy 10% student 
discount. Trust me, when you're so far into an overdraft as I am, even Topshops' cheeky little discount offer seems like the best thing in the whole wide world. Without a doubt, every girl needs a black dress in their wardrobe, they're versatile and handy when it comes to last minute plans for a night out. Unfortunately though, my wardrobe suffers from having 0 black dresses, which is quite shocking considering black is the most consistent colour within my wardrobe! I guess I've always bought black tops/skirts/shorts, and put them together; the trusty black topshop skater skirt and  black bandeau work a dream team in creating an illusion of a black dress, but I guess its time to invest in a real one now, being 19 without a black dress just seems way too wrong!

The high neck mini bodycon is definitely worthy of the small £22 price tag. It's quite classy for a black dress, making it suitable for both a night out in town, or even just drinks at the local. I'm dead keen on the high neck feature on this dress, since working in Urban Outfitters, high neck features are all that I have been lusting! The minimalistic features of this dress make it extremely appealing, I can imagine teaming it with sparkly socks and wedges could work a treat.

I've always been a fan of longer dresses and skirts, but never quite had the confidence to even attempt to pull them off. Being only 5'3, its one of those things I would usually feel self conscious about, and fear looking stumpy. Luckily, this midi length seems a suitable, as it wouldn't drown my figure completely. Its also quite simplistic which I'm a fan of, theres nothing better than finding a simple dress and dressing it up with jewellery. I'm pretty confident that this dress would look amazing with bulky necklaces, and chunky wedges for a night out, or merely teaming it with a leather jacket, a scarf and heeled boots for a far more casual look.

Fuck, I might just get both.

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