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Cardiff University JOMEC Ball

April 03, 2014

After hearing about the prospect of this ball I was super excited. Our course last year didn't really have much going on, and apparently it was known for being the most anti social thing about Cardiff University. This year however that has changed, there have been numerous socials and a fabulous ball that took place at the Cardiff National Museum last night.

I didn't realise how long it was going to take me to get ready for the ball, let me just say more than 2 hours. That though was perhaps because I feel asleep in the bath, and had a swollen eye which needed silly amounts of eyeliner reapplications to stop me looking like I'd been punched in the eye. Before you think it, no I didn't get in a fight. Imagine me in a fight? Oh dear! 

I was happy with my dress choice in the end, it was a lovely red one from Motel Rocks which I posted about not so long ago. I went for smokey eyes and bright red lips to match my dress, I didn't want to go too over the top because dressing this girly was daunting enough for me anyway! To suit this sophisticated approach of dress we decided to pre with a very expensive champagne with strawberries. Intoxicated, we thought moving onto the vodka and dirty bottles of some  shots would be a good idea. Trust me it wasn't a good idea. We turned up to the museum looking far from classy with the taxi driver blasting Sam and the Womp. How rock n roll of us...

The museum was a lovely venue and starting off with a champagne reception was more than okay with me. I do love a bit of champers. Who doesn't?! The food was also fabulous, my favorite course being the desert which was a sticky toffee pudding with ice cream. My mouth is watering thinking about it now! As the night went on we all thought it would be a wise idea to mix as many drinks as possible, and let me just tell you that it did feel extremely weird being drunk in a museum at night! It's all part of the fun though I guess! Later on we headed to Glam, which is not exactly my fave place to go to because I always feel so out of place and uncomfortable there. But the copious amounts of champagne and good company took my concentration away from the shit music that they play. Oh and so did the Dj playing Green Day. Anyway, that is enough of my ramblings and I am definitely paying for the large amounts of alcohol consumption but here are a few snaps!

4 comments on "Cardiff University JOMEC Ball"
  1. It was such a good night and such a good post!!
    Need to get going on mine when I come out of this hangover.

  2. Ah Reen what an adorable post! I loved it.

  3. Woohoo, great post girlie. Glad you had a good time! x

  4. thanks guys, if only every night out we could drink champagne and dress up like this ey!


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