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April 21, 2014
So many of you probably know I've been back in Birmingham for about a week now to work back at Meecha. Right next to us, there has been a pop up store full of fresh new and quirky businesses and it has been interesting seeing these businesses gain the attention that they all fully deserve. One of the many within the pop up that caught my eye was Duke of Delhi, and let me just tell you that their concept is amazing.

They combine different flavours of chocolate with bombay mix, which gives it a lovely crunch and heavenly texture. It is mad to think that this has not been done before and that they are the only ones who do it, because it literally tastes insane! After one of my work colleagues tried the 'milk chocolate and orange flavour' I was more than excited to get my hands on a bar myself.  I opted for the 'milk chocolate and Indian cinnamon' flavour, and boy oh boy it was heaaaven! I love cinnamon so much so this bar of chocolate had really high expectations to fill. As soon as I unravelled the bar and dug in, it felt like a chocolate chai tea latte in my mouth with hints of Christmas and warmth at the same time. My expectations were fulfilled. Unfortunately though, I ate that bar in like 10 minutes straight away because it was so good, and had been craving more ever since!

The lovely owner of Duke of Delhi came over today to me at work though and fulfilled my craving and  gave me another bar! How lovely? Thanks ever so much! This time it was 'dark chocolate and toasted coconut', and that has gone in the space of 10 minutes too! I even found it too hard taking pictures for you guys without eating it! Don't worry though, I resisted the temptation!  I'm not usually a fan of dark chocolate and find it too rich a majority of the time, but the coconut essence makes this one simply divine! After offering my mom and brother a piece, we found ourselves fighting over the rest of the bar - that is how good it tasted.

As soon as my student loan comes in, I will be treating myself to so much of this chocolate! It is my aim to try every single product they have, and I promise to keep you all posted on the flavours that I get my claws into!

Anyway, here are a few snaps to make you jealous of the chocolately goodness:


Check out their website here, and give them a follow on Twitter to keep up to date! 
Let me know how your Duke of Delhi experience goes.

(p.s- sorry for the picture quality, I left my SLR in Cardiff so these are taken on my phone!)

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