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monochrome madness

April 06, 2014
monochrome madness

Everybody is loving monochrome right now, and I have no problems with that what so ever! Black has always been one of my favourite colours when it comes to clothes, my whole wardrobe is basically black. I don't know why but I just feel like its such an interesting colour to play around with when it comes to style, especially when mixing it up with accessories! 

Everything on this clothes board I basically need in my life right now. It makes up such a perfect outfit for day wear when the sun is coming out and for a night out,so I'd pretty much be getting great value for money! Juju's are beautiful and I am a HUGE fan of jelly shoes, especially when they are layered up with frilly socks. I'm a sucker for frilly socks they are super cute and work so well when it comes to adding a girly hint to any outfit! The top and skirt are both from Motel Rocks, a place that I have loved for a very long time and I will always love. Who can blame me when they offer 20% off with Unidays?! The watch and bracelet are both simplistic but stick to the monochrome scheme which is both classy and fabulous at the same time! The bag is so lovely too, I'm a huge fan of oversized bags so a duffle style one this size is perfecto. Especially when I'm the sort of girl who pretty much throws everything from her room into her handbag! Terrible aren't I? But I doubt I'm the only girl who does that! The lipstick I feel brings the whole outfit together, I've never tried a lipstick so dark that it is practically black but it works so well with this. I'll defo be purchasing some, the darkest I've done is a blackish purple, but full black will be on my wish list when it comes to loan day!

What do you think of monochrome? 

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