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Tenkaichi Review // Oh Dear

April 16, 2014

So in many of my posts you have probably noticed how excited I have been to try out Tenkaichi. It's a modern looking Japanese restaurant on City Road within Cardiff, and it seriously draws your attention straight away. So finally we decided to give it a go, in some ways it was like my last supper before coming back to Birmingham. Being super keen, I thought it would be a great idea to book a table so we wouldn't be disappointed like last time when we were turned away.

As soon as we got there, it seemed chaotic which was not a great way to be greeted. Not only was the chaotic atmosphere off putting, but so was the fact that our booked table was completely ignored. Instead we were crammed up between other people and had to stare at our name tag on a separate table, which was soon taken up by other people. Annoyed is an understatement.

The food was fairly pricey for the location. I love bento boxes, especially from Mt Fuji and find myself paying less there. I paid £14 for my teriyaki chicken bento box and a glass of coke at Tenkaichi. I'm not the sort of girl who minds paying money like that for a decent meal and drink, if anything that is average to me. But when everything tastes like salt, the sushi is crumbling apart in my bento box and the chicken is like tough rubber I become a very unhappy girl! 

Oh as well, ordering a coke seemed like a major dilemma too. The waitress came over with a beer for me and I was adamant that I didn't order one, and finally she caved in to give me a coke. Unfortunately the beer was left on the bill, and a lot of hassle was put into trying to remove it that we pretty much gave up.

Basically the moral of this post is that I was really let down by Tenkaichi which is a massive shame. It has so much potential but the whole chaotic atmosphere and lack of communication between staff is more than apparent. Safe to say I will not be visiting there again!


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  1. I recommend Ichiban in Albany Road or Cowbridge Road, they do lunch deals in box set for only £7.50. I always go there, good food and nice people.


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