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April 04, 2014
So lately you can probably tell I have been blogging like crazy! I guess that is down to the lack of employment in my life right now, I'm mainly concentrating on Uni work and trying to get the best out of my education rather than slaving away in retail for pointless stress and minimum wage! Luckily quite a few exciting things have happened in relation to things I never thought I'd be doing! I've never been keen in the whole journalism aspect of my degree but lately I've been trying to reach out to as much experience I can get my hands onto! I wrote an article for JOMAG which got published this morning which was kinda cute and have started writing for Bizzkube daily to enhance my experience! Also I met someone whilst I was out for the JOMEC ball and he offered me some marketing experience for a month in Cardiff which is exciting news!

I'm heading back to Birmingham in a week for Easter holidays and have so much work to do  before and during the holidays. I have one deadline due on the Wednesday coming up which is a methodology and I have no idea what on earth I am meant to be doing which is kind of scary! Everyone that day will be heading off to Varsity, which really isn't my cup of tea - in fact I think it is one of my biggest nightmares that come a long with University. I seriously was not cut out for the drunken university lifestyle that came along with moving away from home, not because I can't handle it cause I do love a good old boozing but it genuinely bores the shit out of me. Unless its somewhere that plays music that I actually like, listening to shit does my fucking head in (sorry for the foul language). So whilst everyone is at Varsity I will be the committed student that I am (ahem) and try to get my group up to date with our Social Media Project which are doing.

To be fair I haven't really told you much about the Social Media Project, but it is extremely exciting! We have come up with a dating app called 'Dopamine' whereby it is not judged on looks it is all personality comparability based. Getting to play around with Photoshop again has been really fun and getting my hands on programmes like In Design and GoMobile has been quite interesting. It has made me miss doing Graphic design at a level so much though, so it has encouraged me to start building up a portfolio again on the side.

I hope everyone's doing fine and overwhelming deadlines aren't taking over! The thing that is getting me through these stresses is the thought of how nice summer will be! Also I just realised this isn't a tiny update it's quite huggggee- apologies! 

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