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April 01, 2014
sneak peak

sneak peak by reencoco featuring a strapless dress

Heres a little sneak peak to the outfit that I am wearing to my University ball tomorrow night! I'm not the sort of girl who enjoys dressing up so it's been quite tough for me to pick something to wear, on a night out you will find me literally wearing what I wear through out the day. I just find getting ready boring ugh. So I guess in some ways shopping for the ball has been slightly exciting for me, because it's something I'm not used to! I opted for this red dress from Motel which is beautiful. I've never worn red so it's quite daring of me to do so, so hopefully it doesn't look absolutely stupid on me! I'm a huge huge fan of Motel. I've gone for a pair of chunky heels which is a huge swap for my usual Dr Martens. The balls starting at 7 and we're going out after so I thought a chunkier heel would be comfortable for after ball antics. To clash up with the colours I've decided to go for a Jimmy Choo bag in beige, it works so well with the red and gives a more feminine touch to my outfit. I'm going to paint my nails red which is nothing new, I LOVE red nails. And my good old Mac Lipstick is defo going to make a showing, how sassy of me?

I'll be taking loads of pics tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled! Roll on the night of champagne!

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