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The Ragged Priest

April 01, 2014

After browsing on Instagram, I couldn't help to notice this clothing company pop up in my feed. We're all used to trusty old websites like Miss-Guided which have admittedly gained a lot of popularity. There's nothing wrong with this at all even I love a cheeky little browse on there, but often it is nice to explore something different. So as soon as I saw images of a fresh new company all over my Instagram feed, I was buzzing from excitement. Who are they, I hear you ask. They are The Ragged Priest

Their Instagram has left me lusting over pretty much everything. All their clothing seems to be completely out there and different whilst still on trend - which is absolutely fab! They offer vintage treats which is perfecto for you vintage lovers - especially when they are this nice! Plus the effortlessly cool approach that The Ragged Priest have has seriously drawn me in. Which other clothing stores get away with the option of letting shoppers view "New Shit"?  The Ragged Priest, thats who. Ahem.

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Here are some of my favourite things that they have to offer at the moment, and as soon as my student loan comes in I will be going on a spending spree. That is a promise. I'm just so absolutely in love with the different materials and textures that they use, ones you may have normally been afraid to work. I mean come on, look at how stunning the velvet pink skirt is! Plus it is right on the pastel trend! They are definitely worth giving a browse and even Topshop are keen on them right now. If Cara Delevingne is a fan then I'm pretty much more than certain you will become one soon!

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"By designing trend-focused collections using core vintage product, The Ragged Priest has quickly established itself as one of the most popular new brands around. Their dedicated team of lovers, haters, losers and dreamers create unique pieces of clothing to toughen up any wardrobe." 
Topshop on The Ragged Priest.

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