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April 03, 2014
If theres one thing I could not imagine my life without it would have to be pie and mash. It is such an amazing combination and who ever came up with it deserves a medal. I absolutely love pie. I'm serious.

When I lived in Birmingham I was a huge fan of Urban Pie and constantly found myself craving pie through out my shifts at work. So bad I know, but it is delicious! So as soon as I found out Pieminister was opening in Cardiff I was excited at the potential of something opening that would allow me to get my pie fix. Today me and Ryan finally plucked up the courage to test the waters to see if it lived up to both our pie loving expectations. As soon as we walked in we were greeted by a guy at the door who precisely said "I hate that I have to say this but we work just like Nandos". In doing so he pretty much meant that you pick your food and go up to the till to order your pie and sides if you fancy any. Quite straight forward I guess, and it saves you from feeling pressurised when a waiter turns up to your table every five minutes. I opted for the 'chicken of aragon' pie with a side of mash (of course) and gravy to drown my pie in. It was probably the most richest tasting pie that I have ever eaten. Price wise it isn't particularly cheap so me and my student budget unfortunately won't be visiting too often, but it is quite a nice place I suppose to go in when you feel like a change. I mean come on how many places can you go to that solely concentrate pies? Exactly - not many! The atmosphere is lovely there too which I guess is what you are paying for, theres quite a modern take on creating a homely setting which completes your pie eating experience! Anyone else a pie lover, or is it just me?!

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