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April 10, 2014
So you can probably tell I have been blogging quite a lot lately! I don't quite know why or how it's happened but it has and I'm quite enjoying letting you all into bits of my life! It's the last day of term tomorrow and I couldn't be more grateful! It has been seriously stressful. I get Feedback on one of my essays which I can tell that quite frankly I have done horrendous in but at least it's one more out of the way! In the evening to drown my sorrows on results I am going to indulge in large amounts of food at Tenkaichi - finally! Keep your eyes open for a post on that because I have been waiting for this moment for a long long time!

Heading back home on Sunday is making me feel really excited about some of the things I have coming up soon. I only have 3 more deadlines due after Easter and 0 exams so Summer is pretty much going to come round super fast. Remember I mentioned that I met someone after the ball and got their business card? I've finally confirmed details and dates and will be doing one month works experience with them in the start of May. This is seriously going to open my eyes to what I want to do! Working for my Mom for as long as I can remember has meant that I have been able to pick up a few cheeky contacts a long the way too. So I'm just waiting for responses off two more companies to see if they can offer me a few weeks of experience as well, the more the merrier! 

 I'm hoping this Summer will entail of some sort of holiday, me and Ryan have been looking at Malta and it looks so magical but it will most likely be a last minute thing.  I guess that makes it all that more exciting! I'm hoping to go to Holland for a week too but that as well will be very last minute. Another exciting thing that I've only picked up on over the past few days and need to share with you all is that me and two other girls off my course are going to put ourselves forward as a group collective to become the fashion editors of our uni magazine! It's quite exciting and we already have a few ideas lined up so fingers crossed we can get this gals! 

What have you all got planned for Summer? Spontaneous or planned? 

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