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Sunday Wishlist

April 20, 2014
sunday wishlist

You know how I said I was going to do loads of work today? And I even came up with a playlist to get me through it? Yeah, well that didn't happen. Woops. Instead I'm just getting ready for bed and thought I'd do a cheeky little wish list, just so you can all see what I'm quite fancying right now! 

We've luckily had a few days of sunshine which has been absolutely fabulous! We all know British weather though, and how it is so unpredictable and we've unfortunately been graced with heaps of rain today. Typical on my day off work right? So I guess this wish list is my way of latching onto any glimmer of hope that there will be some more sunshine this week! 

These shorts are the main statement piece, and they are absolutely stunning! The colours and the cut both work so well together leaving a serious bohemian feel to them. Statement shorts are something that I can see myself investing in for this Summer, the louder the better in my eyes! With something so bold in the grid, I thought mixing it up with simple jewellery and accessories would be the best! The Vivienne Westwood watch and handbag are things that I have been lusting over for such a long long time, Viv can do no wrong! I've also been keen on the Pandora birth stone ring for as long as I can remember, its so dainty and sweet - two things that I absolutely love when it comes to rings! Being a December baby means I can luckily get my hands on a turquoise blue stone - which is my fave colour! When it comes to the shoes, you can probably tell from all my posts I am a huge lover of the chunky sort! Even on warm days I love boots, they look super sassy and these ones from Asos are heaaaven! Pairing them up with a pair of frilly socks peaking through the boot would literally add the final touches to this outfit. How about the the lace cami crop? Well yeah, I  may just have to make it a cheeky little purchase before I start work tomorrow. Lace + cami + crop, need I say more?

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